Buena Vista Drug's Whole Patient Care Program

At Buena Vista Drug, our mission is to provide an exceptional experience when filling your prescriptions while helping our patients to coordinate, monitor, manage, and improve their health. To do this we created the Whole Patient Care Program. The core feature of this program is medication fill coordination where we strive to keep your maintenance medications on a set pick up schedule every month. This provides more convenience by reducing trips to the pharmacy and allowing our staff to resolve any issues with filling your prescriptions, before you arrive. This will also allow our patients to better plan their personal finances by anticipating monthly prescription costs.

Along with the medication coordination, we will check in regularly to inquire about your health, management of chronic conditions and response to current medications. This allows our pharmacist to discuss in more detail your questions or concerns during your medication pick up.

*Only taking 1 prescription?* We can set you up for Auto Refills. Allow Buena Vista Drug to schedule your prescriptions and save you time from worrying about placing your prescription order. There is no cost to this program. It helps both you and the pharmacy run more efficiently and provides us more time to care for you as a whole patient. We truly believe in this program and hope all of our patients will participate.

For more details or to enroll in the program, please contact the pharmacy team at 719-395-2481.

Everyone enrolling in the Whole Patient Care program will receive a $10.00 Buena Vista Drug gift card.

To get started fill out this online form, or you can simply download then print out the form and bring it with you to the pharmacy.

Online Form Download & Print